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Gambling! It's Part of Life...

Is gambling by young people another thing you have to worry about as a parent or teacher?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. We're all surrounded by gambling these days, from state-supported lotteries to online gambling sites.

  • Young people are two to three times as likely to develop a gambling problem than adults who start gambling.
  • In some studies, 14-19% of teenagers show signs of losing control over gambling—that's nearly one in five kids.

But, young people can learn how to make smart decisions about gambling—and can learn to recognize problem gambling in their friends.

That's why FoolProof developed an online lesson (a "module" as we call it) on gambling. Without preaching, it teaches young people how to make wise decisions when it comes to gambling, and how to recognize problems in themselves and others, when it comes to gambling.

The module—as with all FoolProof programs—is free for all users. It contains no advertisements, either. Our programs are underwritten by credit unions across America.

How to use our gambling module:

  • If you're a teacher, click on "Try Gambling Yourself" on this page. If you like what you see, go to our special website for teachers to learn more about our curriculum, or sign up now to use the module with your students.
  • If you're a parent, take your kids to and have them select "Gambling, what's in it for you?"

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"As legalized gambling expands across the country it is more important than ever to prevent kids from developing gambling problems. School-based financial literacy programs are important and effective ways to help students make good decisions. FoolProof's module on gambling is an important way to help young people make good decisions concerning gambling."

~ Keith Whyte,
Executive Director
The National Council on Problem Gambling

FoolProof is the only financial literacy program in the United States endorsed by both the National Association of Consumer Advocates and the Consumer Federation of America.

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