Friday, December 15

Why Does FoolProofMe Exist?

We teach defensive thinking when it comes to any decision that impacts your pocketbook or general welfare.

All of our work is based on a core belief: if advertisers have the right to put the best light on their products and services, consumers have the right to learn how to critically judge advertising and marketing messages. That judgment is a learned skill.

Our interactive programs and features attempt to equip you with that skill. We constantly highlight the importance of using caution, questioning sellers, and relying on independent research when dealing with a seller of anything.—this site—currently offers consumers five financial literacy and consumer education tools.

Our most important initiative is "FoolProof for High Schools," a complete financial literacy curriculum for middle and high school students. In 2014, students made over 24 million page views of our curriculum. (Know a teacher who cares about kids and financial literacy? Send them here.)

But we are a lot more than our curriculums.

  • We've developed tough and interactive guides on major topics like mortgages and car buying.

  • Each month, we post at least six new resources for you: videos, articles, podcasts.

  • Our resources are free for you, forever, and contain no advertising. We advocate for the consumer, not for any product, program or service (but you probably already guessed that!)

Why FoolProofMe?

Hey, the marketers and for-profit businesses of the world spend hundreds of billions—literally—trying to convince you they are the best, even when they aren't.

That's fine, and that's the free enterprise system at work. But you have the right to know when any product, program, or service isn't right for you. You won't know if you don't have good data. We provide you some of that good data. also believes low-income consumers—particularly those already impacted by credit and money issues—are at greater risk for abuses in the financial marketplace. All of our programs address this issue.

Who Are We?'s resources were developed by the FoolProof Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation based on advocacy for consumers, not businesses.

Partners & Endorsers

  • FoolProof's curriculums are the only financial literacy curriculums in the United States endorsed by both the National Association of Consumer Advocates and the Consumer Federation of America.

  •, with over 15,000 bankruptcy judges and their advocates, is a FoolProof Partner. Care4YourFuture presents financial literacy programs in thousands of schools and colleges across America.

  • NYWise, a major national program promoting financial literacy in schools, has endorsed FoolProof and promotes FoolProof to its members.

  • USPIRG has partnered with FoolProof to offer our programs to college students.

  • FoolProof has partnered with the Consumer Military Justice Project to offer a beta version of our programs for military personnel and their families.

Because of the Foundation's interest and belief in free consumer advocacy, we're constantly modifying our current programs for targeted audiences and developing new FoolProof programs and materials.

As funding permits, FoolProof develops custom programs and materials to better serve regions of the country and specific populations, such as a Spanish version, a version for kids aged 4 through 13, a version for hearing impaired, a military version, a separate version for people with credit problems and many more. Want to know more? Go to our FoolProof Foundation website.