Friday, December 15


(Video) What Caveats Come with Charitable Giving?

Research charities before you give. There’s scammers after your money, and you nor the charities should be the victim.

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(Video) Should You Get an Ad Blocker?

The good and the bad about ad blockers: the software that removes ads and avoids malware and things. But is it all good?

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(Video) Are Your Kids' Smart Toys Safe?

Toys that connect to the internet can be a danger to your kids’ privacy. Limit the risks, now.

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(Video) Are You at Risk of Medical ID Theft?

Scammers could be using your ID for prescriptions, insurance claims, and much more. Stop them cold!

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(Video) Clickbaiting: The Online Bait and Switch

The good old bait and switch scheme moved online, and it is after your sanity, your personal info or computer files, and perhaps even your pocketbook.

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(Video) Is Leasing (Electronics) a Good Idea?

Leasing is popular. Computers, phones, TV's; everything is leasable these days. But is it cheaper? Suitable for you? Find out about the advantages and disadvantages of leasing.

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(Video) Staying up to Date

Should you keep your device's operating system up to date?

If you don’t, you may be putting your personal and financial information at risk! This video will tell you about the dangers….

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(Video) Are You at Risk of Spearphishing?

Spearphising is a targeted email attack, and scammers may be after your information and money. Shouldn't you know about this?

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(Video) Is Starting a Business a Good Move for You?

You'll have freedom! Be your own boss! Great. But you also have to take care of a lot of details. It's a big step. Check to see if you're ready...

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(Video) Are You (and Your Money) Safe on Facebook?

Facebook is laden with phishing scams and malware by crooks trying to steal your personal and financial information. Stop it cold!

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