Tuesday, May 30

Hungry in College? Welcome to Food Insecurity

You may not think this problem is happening at your college, but it is. Even at big-name schools, more and more students are going to bed hungry.

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How Your Credit Can Cost You $100K... Really!

A few years ago, when I was living in the Caribbean, I met this guy while surfing.

His name was Mack, a nice guy in his twenties, from LA. He was studying in Puerto Rico to become a doctor. We caught a few waves together, had a chat, and became friends quickly.

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Will You Make These Money Mistakes?

You would never deliberately throw away money, right? But most of us do, without even thinking.

Ask yourself if you fall for these money traps:

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Under 30? Got Health Insurance Yet?

You've seen all the publicity on "Obamacare," right? If you think The Affordable Care Act—the official name—isn't about you, you're wrong.

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Stashing Money Away for Good Times Down the Road

Who wants to be worrying about money all the time?

Nobody does.

That's why right now you need to start building a lifetime habit of saving money. But for that habit to pay off, you need a plan.

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Thousand-Dollar Money Mistakes: How to Prevent Them

We've been looking at the ways young people waste the most money without knowing it—at least a thousand dollars—and guess what? There are tons of ways, which is pretty scary! Here's a look at the most common disaster spots for your wallet.

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The Secrets of Renting Your First Pad

Do you know the answers to these questions? (If you don't, you're not ready to rent!)

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How Social Media Can Impact Your Credit Score!

Credit rules your life, just like social media does (for most people these days). Now, you should know that your social media life could be ruling (and perhaps ruining) your credit.

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Dirt on Your Dirt-Bike

People are putting large dollar "toys" for sale on the internet.

Dirt bikes, boats, cars, etc. are sold on websites like ebay all the time. The sellers get responses via e-mail from prospective buyers.

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New Student Loan Regulations: What’s Changing For You?

If you have a student loan, you probably have already heard that the rate on some student loans has doubled overnight, from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent. Why? Congress couldn’t agree on passing a bill to keep the rates at 3.4 percent.

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