Wednesday, March 1

What's the Difference in a Bank and a CU?

Hey, since the FoolProof team is made up of consumer advocates, and since FoolProof is partially funded by credit unions nationwide, we don't think it's fair of us to tell you what we think are the differences in credit unions and banks. Our opinion would definitely be very different than some other opinions.

And remember: consumer advocates can be as biased as anyone else.

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Take This Bet! Or, Maybe Not...

Life is full of risk. We take chances all the time. It's a part of life! We gamble when we start our own business, or when we decide to walk to school or drive a car.

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What if you put these real fine print statements into FoolProof language?

Zero Percent!*
For a limited number of months, then the rate goes up! If you pay late, the zero percent disappears, and the rate goes really up. And, oh, we can't tell you how many months you'll get zero percent until we send you the card and you can't back out.

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Need a Roommate?

Whether you've already moved out or are planning your first move away from home, picking the right roommate is a big deal. That person will have an impact on both your pocketbook and your mental health. These tips can help make the experience a solid one!

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Looking for a Roommate?

One version of the Nigerian Scam occurs when some stranger tries to get you to wire back the change from his fraudulent check before it bounces.

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The Latest Phishing Scams Are Scary

Have you received messages like these?

Ever download an app? If you get a text message the next day saying, "There's a security problem with the app you downloaded," would you read it? Would you click the link in the text?

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How to Handle Credit Card Debt?

So you got these cool credit cards! Lots of nice reward benefits and cool pictures of you and your friends on the front of the card! Life is pretty good. Free money all around...or so you think.

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Want to Turn Six Bucks Into a Million?

Could you chase up six bucks every day if it could make you a million dollars or more at some point? Well, you can. Even while you sleep!

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There's No Place to Hide!

Reprinted from with permission.

Sure, you're behind on some bills, but nobody deserves to be treated like this...

Badgering phone calls and threats, insults and outright lies—these are just a few of the unfair and illegal tactics that some debt collectors unleash on consumers. These rogue collectors don't represent the entire industry, but they are not uncommon.

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Ever Considered a Two-Year Community College or Four-Year State University?

Didn't make it to your dream university this fall? Excellent!

Jealous that your friends are heading to that fancy out-of-state University?  Forget it!

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FoolProof Education

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