Tuesday, September 19

Ever Feel Stressed Over Money?

Can you relate to any of these realities?

  • You're short on cash... constantly.
  • You frequently borrow money from people.
  • You're worried about your future in the current economy.
  • You owe too much on your credit card.
  • You're thinking about moving back in with your parents.

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Your Credit Sore...Errr, Score!

Your credit score rules your life in many ways. It can impact your job and possibly even your chance of being promoted. It determines what you pay in interest on virtually every purchase you finance. It may even determine what you pay for deposits (apartment, escrow, etc.) and insurance.

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There are millions of scams out there. They arrive by many avenues...the web, mail, phone, text messages and even in person. They rip you off, steal your money, hurt your credit and cause major irritation. And they are aimed at all of us...any age.

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Heat Wave! Time to Lower Your Temperature & Your Utility Bills!

I've spent the summer in Holland visiting with friends and family; it's been a rainy and dreary season. Due to the weather I'm experiencing, the articles I've read in my Dutch newspaper concerning the American weather seem kind of distant and unreal...

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Stressed? How to Manage Your Time!

Whether you're in school studying or already working a job, you need to get things done, right? And there's always too little time...

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What to Do When Your Email Account Is Hacked!

Last week I received an email from my sister. This happens a lot. I live abroad and my sister lives in Holland.  Email is our main means of communication.  She sends me picture and updates on life all the time.

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A Bad Credit Score

Every part of your life pays for it.

So much of your life is ruled by your credit score, the number that tells the world whether credit bureaus think you are a good risk, or not.

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What's the Difference in a Bank and a CU?

Hey, since the FoolProof team is made up of consumer advocates, and since FoolProof is partially funded by credit unions nationwide, we don't think it's fair of us to tell you what we think are the differences in credit unions and banks. Our opinion would definitely be very different than some other opinions.

And remember: consumer advocates can be as biased as anyone else.

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Take This Bet! Or, Maybe Not...

Life is full of risk. We take chances all the time. It's a part of life! We gamble when we start our own business, or when we decide to walk to school or drive a car.

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What if you put these real fine print statements into FoolProof language?

Zero Percent!*
For a limited number of months, then the rate goes up! If you pay late, the zero percent disappears, and the rate goes really up. And, oh, we can't tell you how many months you'll get zero percent until we send you the card and you can't back out.

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FoolProof Education

FoolProof Education is a highly interactive, self-grading group of online lessons called "Modules." The Modules teach consumers of all ages about money, financial responsibility and the realities of the free enterprise system.

High School, College & Home School Curriculum

Closely aligned to the Common Core standards and state personal financial literacy requirements.

Educate Yourself, a Friend or Family Member

Choose from a wide variety of topics. Start and stop and continue at anytime.