Wednesday, March 1

FoolProof Tips for the College-Bound

Get off on the right foot when you hit campus this fall! Just follow our FoolProof tips to protect your pride and your pocketbook:

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How Do You Know When to Change Your Passwords?

I'm sure you have seen recommendations to change your passwords frequently, especially if you use online banking, services like PayPal or eBay, or even a webmail service. Okay, you know it's the wise thing to do, but it is also a hassle!

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Tips for Online Car Buying

Say you're in the market for a used car, and you do your research well. Clever as you are, you check not just eBay or Auto Trader, but also Yahoo! Autos, Craigslist and independent web-ads for cars with the features and price that fit your budget.

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Banking and You

Are you in high school or college? If so, which financial services are you using, if any? Do you have a checking account or savings account? Debit card or a credit card? Do you even know the difference?

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Could Your Smartphone or Tablet Be Hacked?

Got a smartphone? An iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone or even an Android? If so, be warned.

More and more users of smart gadgets are getting hacked while surfing the Web or using an app that connects to the Internet. Why? The recent explosion of gadgets has made it much more lucrative and easier for hackers to hack into your device.

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Smashing Down the Rules on Gift Cards

Get these two scenarios:

Scenario 1:

You got a sweet gift card for $50 for your birthday from your friends. You run to the shop to buy your favorite game that goes for $49.95! But, the store charges you a $10 activation fee... Bummer!

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Oddball Tips For Saving Money

Being smart about money is more important now—when you're young—than when you're older. Why? Smart habits learned now will stay with you, but more important, any money you stick in a savings plan at 20 has a lot more years to earn interest than money you stick in a savings plan at 40.

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Are You Part of the Plastic Generation?

Free Money! You've probably heard that the law changes over the past few years are supposed to protect college-aged young people from a lot of the abuses credit card companies have aimed at us for years.

Well, guess what: FoolProof thinks no law is really going to protect you, unless you're very wary.

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Weird But True Budgeting Tips

Colleges and graduate schools can be backbreaking when it comes to money. Why not get creative with ways to save more money and lessen that backbreaking load?

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Campus Cards

In college, or going there soon? Here’s a rundown on the “Campus Card” many schools provide students.

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