Friday, December 15

Topic: Car Buying and Leasing

Tips for Car Buying, Truck Buying or Leasing a Car

Car buying tips from "The Number One Enemy of America's Car Dealers," Remar Sutton, according to The Washington Post Sutton literally wrote the book on the car buying process. The book, "Don't Get Taken Every Time," has been a best-seller for thirty years, in six editions.

Sutton has now written a free car and truck buying guide based on his best-selling book. Suttons' car and truck buying and leasing guide is online and interactive. It rips the lid off car dealer secrets. The guide is free and without advertising.

Online Calculators

Online calculators help you determine how much cash you can really afford to spend on a new or used car or truck. The guide answers questions like: Should you buy a new or used car or truck? How much money should you pay down when you buy? And what to do if you owe more on your old car than it is worth?

The guide also covers dozens of other topics. Sutton's car buying guide breaks down the car buying process in to easy steps and walks you through the entire car buying and car leasing process step by step.

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