Tuesday, November 21

Topic: Fake News


"Fake News" Targets Your Pocketbook and Your Welfare

Everybody's heard about fake news, but did you know marketers target you with fake news every minute you're online? You're targeted offline, too.

Fake News has several names: Invisible advertising. Native Advertising. Fact Distortion.

Whatever the name, you are the one who will be hurt if you can't recognize it.

How are marketers tricking you? Easy: Respectable marketers run one-sided ads that look like trustworthy news stories. Or worse: Unscrupulous marketers build entire websites filled with impressive-looking but totally phony "stories."

Why are they tricking you? Easy: They want you to accept their one-side advertisement as the truth. The result? You make bad decisions.

How this page can help you: Easy: It shows you how to recognize—and disregard—fake news.

What's here: Resources developed by the FoolProof Foundation's Walter Cronkite Project. Links to other sources FoolProof trusts.

Do this now: Spend some time here. Tons of trustworthy tidbits. Then send others here.

Use Caution. Question Sellers. Rely on Research.

Fake News Resources

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