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40,000 Impulse Buying Decisions in Life?

Are you an impulse buyer?

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CarMax: Stop Selling Unsafe, Recalled Cars to Consumers

By guest columnist Rosemary Shahan

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Tonya Rapley

After improving her credit score by 130 points in 18 months, she fell in love with personal finance. Read her articles here.

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FoolProof Education

FoolProof Education is a highly interactive, self-grading group of online lessons called "Modules." The Modules teach consumers of all ages about money, financial responsibility and the realities of the free enterprise system.

High School, College & Homeschool Curriculum

Closely alligned to the Common Core standards and state personal financy literacy recuirements.

Educate Yourself, a Friend or Family Member

Choose from a wide variety of topics. Start and stop and continue at anytime.