Thursday, November 23

Student Loan Guide

43 Million Americans Are Saddled with Student Loans

Are you one? Are you coping or struggling?

Do you have these questions?

  • Can I lower my student loan debt monthly payments?
  • Should I consolidate or refinance my student loan debt?
  • What if I can't pay my student loan debt?

The FoolProof Student Loan Guide provides the Action Steps and Resources you need to manage student loan debt.

We have six Action Plans, each tailored to help address different circumstances that you may face.

Which Action Plan fits you right now?

  1. You Are Planning to Attend College and Need to Consider Financing Options

  2. You Are Currently Enrolled in College and Have Loans to Manage

  3. You Are About to Graduate and Must Plan to Manage Your Student Loans

  4. You Are Coping With Payments But Would Like to Better Manage or Lower Your Payments

  5. You Are Struggling to Make Payments. You may be already in delinquency or default.

  6. You Are a Parent Considering or Currently Helping Your Children by Borrowing

Click on an Action Plan on the right!

These plans and resources incorporate four keys to success:

  • Never panic or ignore student loan debt
  • Make a plan that fits you
  • Avoid scams
  • Have a fallback strategy for when the unexpected arises