Sunday, April 30


(Video) How to Spot a Fake Website?

Fake websites are drawing a lot of victims. Don't be one of them! Here’s how you spot those fake sites.

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(Video) Is It Impossible Getting Teens to Save?

Getting in the savings habit early will change a teenager's life. FoolProof has some enjoyable tips to get that habit going, right now.

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(Video) Are Public Wi-Fi Networks Safe?

Some are, some definitely aren’t! Use the tips in this video to protect yourself from trouble on wireless networks.

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(Video) Who's Using Your Netflix Account?

You may not be the only one... Scammers use malware and phishing emails to grab your Netflix account details from your PC and sell your account for cut-price subscriptions to unsuspecting subscribers.

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(Video) Most Young People Don't Know When News Is Fake. Do You?

Young people are super fluent on digital technology, but why is it they can't tell the difference between real news and fake news. And can you? Learn to recognize fake news starting with this video, and then teach your kids.

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(Video) Kids Using Your Smartphone or Tablet? Beware In-App Purchases!

Most free apps feature in-app purchases. If your kids are using your device, they can rack up big bills quick and unintentional! Why wouldn't game companies add a feature to turn off in-app purchases? Of course, because that way they won't make money. This video helps you deal with unintentional in-app purchases.

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(Video) How Safe Are Your "Smart" Appliances?

All your smart appliances connected to the internet may be at risk of hacking, viruses or malware. Help reduce your potential risks with the tips in this video.

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(Video) Avoid Job Search Scams

Because so many job search activities have moved online, many of the scams also come to you online. This video describes some of the most popular frauds and offers tips to help you avoid these traps.

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(Video) Holiday Shopping Tips

Why do we spend the entire year trying to save money, then at the Holidays build up enough debt that it takes the entire next year to pay it all off? Follow these tips and give yourself the gift of piece of mind.

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(Video) Should You Be Giving Your Personal Data?

Did you notice many websites ask for your phone number or more? Should you be giving this very personal data? To some companies, sure. To others, definitely not. Learn more in this video.

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