Wednesday, October 18

7 Simple Steps to the Best Checking Account

Life is a lot easier if you have a checking account. You can store your money, you get a debit card that is linked to your checking account, to be able to go online and make purchases, and you can even pay someone with a check if you don't have cash on you.

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Payroll (Debit) Cards: Getting Your Paycheck Deposited on a (Debit) Card

Have you ever heard of payroll cards? Payroll cards are a lot like debit cards—you can use them to pay for items in shops or online, or to withdraw money from your account.

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Apple Pay/Android Pay (Google Wallet): Mobile Payments on the Rise

First there was Google Wallet. Then came Apple Pay. Now Google is changing its Wallet to become Android Pay.

Using some form of mobile payments is becoming more and more popular. And if you're not already, before you know it you will be using your phone to pay for stuff. With the iPhone and Android phones controlling over 90% of the market, experts anticipate it won't be long before most people will be using a mobile payment service.

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5 Cards & Free Goodies

How many "free" credit cards do you have right now?
How many times has somebody on campus or in your mail tried to push a "free" credit card on you?

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Safely Navigating Credit Card Land

You'll Need One Heck of a Navigation Device!

Do you like your money? If you do, "where" you get your credit card is one of the most important money decisions you will make in your life.  Here's a little navigation help.

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What's the Difference in a Bank and a CU?

Hey, since the FoolProof team is made up of consumer advocates, and since FoolProof is partially funded by credit unions nationwide, we don't think it's fair of us to tell you what we think are the differences in credit unions and banks. Our opinion would definitely be very different than some other opinions.

And remember: consumer advocates can be as biased as anyone else.

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Banking and You

Are you in high school or college? If so, which financial services are you using, if any? Do you have a checking account or savings account? Debit card or a credit card? Do you even know the difference?

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Smashing Down the Rules on Gift Cards

Get these two scenarios:

Scenario 1:

You got a sweet gift card for $50 for your birthday from your friends. You run to the shop to buy your favorite game that goes for $49.95! But, the store charges you a $10 activation fee... Bummer!

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Are You Part of the Plastic Generation?

Free Money! You've probably heard that the law changes over the past few years are supposed to protect college-aged young people from a lot of the abuses credit card companies have aimed at us for years.

Well, guess what: FoolProof thinks no law is really going to protect you, unless you're very wary.

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Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards!

Sure, credit cards can be a great way to have a financial safety buffer in your pocket, and they build credit pretty quick, too. But everybody has heard of dangers that can come with credit cards if you're not careful, as well as the horrific statistics:

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FoolProof Education

FoolProof Education is a highly interactive, self-grading group of online lessons called "Modules." The Modules teach consumers of all ages about money, financial responsibility and the realities of the free enterprise system.

High School, College & Home School Curriculum

Closely aligned to the Common Core standards and state personal financial literacy requirements.

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